Types of Pressure Washing Services

There are two basic types of pressure washing services provided by Imperium Building Services Ltd; hot and cold. Hot washing is the process of washing a hard surface with high-pressured water at a very high force. Cold pressure washing, on the other hand, is the slower process of using cold water to clean surfaces. Both services have their advantages and disadvantages. Before you start a pressure washing your home, you should learn about the types of services available for your home and what type would be best for the cleaning of your house. The following types of services are:

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Hot pressure washing services are used for commercial buildings such as industrial buildings or warehouses. If you have an industrial building, you should contact a pressure washing service to clean the exterior of the building. Hot pressure washing services are often used for the cleaning of parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, docks and other outdoor areas. A professional pressure washing service can clean these areas much more quickly and more thoroughly than doing it yourself. One advantage of a pressure washing service is that the job will be done faster because of the high powered water pressure that is used.

Hot water pressure washing is great for use in residential homes or small businesses. When using hot water, you are able to get the job done much quicker. Many homeowners and business owners choose hot washing for hard surface areas around the home. It is also ideal for washing smaller things such as light bulbs, cans, pots and pans. The chemicals used in hot washing detergent are less harmful to people and pets.

Cold pressure washing uses cold water to remove stains and dirt from your driveway. A service worker will spray the driveway with a water jet sprayer and apply a strong alkaline cleaner. The alkaline cleaner will break down any stains that are on your driveway. This service is most effective on concrete or asphalt surfaces. The alkaline cleaner will break down the soil and the concrete, while the alkaline will break down any oil or grease found on your driveway.

An alternative to cold pressure washing is a power pressure washer. These machines are especially useful for removing tough stains and dirt from brick and stone. They also have the added benefit of being environmentally friendly, which is good for consumers who are concerned about going green.

There are many other types of pressure washing services available. You can find services that specialize in residential customers, commercial customers, and all types of outdoor cleaning needs. Find a company that has a good reputation so you can be confident they will do a good job. Look for a company that offers proof of insurance and proof of licenses and certifications. If you are not comfortable with the customer representative at the company, shop somewhere else.