How to Get a Fake ID Online Without Leaving Your Home

The most exciting time for any young adult is turning 18. Depending on where you live, you can now vote or head out to a joint for a pint. You have loads going for you. The most exciting part for under-aged teens is being able to enjoy booze. Hence, it can lead to buying a fake ID. But where can you get your hands on a fake ID online without leaving your home?

The Reality of Obtaining a Fake ID

For some people, the thought of getting a fake ID is purchasing their new identification from a dingy backroom. But, as it turns out, there is more to buying a counterfeit ID. Yes, the false ones you see in the movies are created without the proper authority.

While others feel they can simply make one for themselves using their computer, printer, and laminator. Many had tried and only received a rude awakening when using it for the first time when the bouncer brought out a scanner.

Still, you can find falsified cards made from actual licenses. At the same time, underage drinkers are caught altering identification belonging to another person. So, to prevent any of these rude awakenings from getting detected, the best is to use a trustworthy fake ID vendor.

The truth is you can find many fake ID websites online you can use. But if you want a reliable source, then use someone like IDGOD.PH is a great place to start. You can safely use them to buy your fake ID online without the need to leave your home.

Why Choose Them

When you want to order a counterfeit identification, there are 10 elements found in the security of identification cards, all made possible for you to buy a fake ID vendor. Today’s ID cards are not only cards with all your identity information found on them.

People use advanced technology to add extra protection to their ID cards. These security measures are put in place to protect you, not to harm your identity.

Reason #1 The Barcode

Yes, barcodes provide the best security as it contains data about you and the card. Therefore, if someone steals or even uses your card without permission, people can track and detect that it is a crime when reported. Hence, it prevents unwanted incidents when used by a non-owner. Furthermore, the barcodes are also connected to a database.

While many feel it is impossible to forge as you cannot put a new identity on the card. Sometimes making one at home is impossible to print that exact barcode on the material. You need specific equipment and a printer to achieve this.

But when you order from a trustworthy fake ID provider, they will make sure to add that barcode and make it scannable to use.

Reason #2 They Use Your Image on the Card

Yes, this is another security feature needed on your ID card. While in the past, changing a photo was easy by removing the old one and replacing it with a new one. Today your image is printed directly onto the card surface and is not easy to remove. With a vendor providing you a fake ID, they will ensure that your photo is printed directly onto the polycarbonate material.

Reason #3 They Add a Magnetic Stripe

Yes, this part you find locked onto the back of the card. The magnetic strip has a unique composition with specific information that a card reader can identify your card. Your updated or updatable information on the card is found on that strip.

Reason #4 Get An Updated Version in the Form of a Smart Card

Your new identification cards do not work with a magnetic strip and work with radio frequency to detect the confirmation process. Inside the card, you find a unique part that works similar to an antenna coil. The component receives a radio wave from the reader. The reader will send a radio wave to detect your smart card when nearby. Then, the reader will read the information to give you access to enter a place. These card readers are paired with face recognition to ensure your identity matches the card.

Reason #5 Having a Fluorescent Overlay

This is another unique feature found in your latest fake ID cards comprising a fluorescent overlay. Yes, it is different from using a hologram and provides durability to the card. Another fantastic thing is that it used one printing cycle. So, you do not need added lamination or varnish types.

Reason #6 You can Still Get a Hologram ID

The fake ID website will ensure that the hologram is printed on the card surface to provide visual protection. So, if you receive your fake ID card and the hologram changes color or shape when moved, you know your card is legit.

Reason #7 You get Microprinting or Microtext

This is another essential part when it comes to faking an ID. First, your card will be printed in a micro-sized font. Then, the providers use a particular printer to create a unique text similar to a legit one. When you look at your card, the text looks like a line looking at it with the naked eye. You need a magnifier to actually see it. Alternatively, the card reader will be able to see it.

Reason #8 You Get Laser-Engraving

They use the current laser technology to engrave your identity onto the card surface. It is not like your standard printing, as it creates a different texture to make your card legit. Hence, your information is carved to create a beveled edge you cannot remove.

Reason #9 The Card Has a Specific Laminating Layer

To protect your card from damage, they use a unique laminating layer to make your fake ID look real. So, it makes your card difficult to bend or fold, making it difficult to detect that it is a fake.

Reason #10 Using IR Ink

Infrared ink is different as it changes color when you shine a light on it. A fact is using an IR detection camera can detect this invisible ink.

Reasons to Use a Fake ID

There are many benefits to using a fake ID. First and foremost, it can provide you with an extra layer of security when traveling. If someone knows that you are not of legal age to purchase alcohol or cigarettes, they may be less likely to take advantage of you. Additionally, using a fake ID can help you get into bars and clubs that might be off-limits to your age group. Finally, using a fake ID can lead to some fun nightlife experiences that you might not be able to experience if you were actually underage.

Access to Bars, Clubs, etc.

There are many reasons someone might need a fake ID to access popular establishments such as bars and clubs. For example, a person who is underage may want to go out and have some fun with their friends without having to worry about getting caught. Additionally, people who are not able to obtain proper identification may use a fake ID to get into places where they are not allowed, like their favorite club. In some cases, people may use a fake ID for other purposes such as fraud or theft. Whatever the reason, having a valid fake ID can make going out and having some fun much easier!

No Drinking Age Required

There are many reasons to use a fake ID. Some people use fake IDs to get into bars or nightclubs. Others use fake IDs to buy alcohol. Still others use fake IDs to get jobs that require them to show identification.

Can Be Used Anywhere

A fake ID can be used anywhere a person is legally allowed to be. It can be used to buy alcohol, enter clubs, and buy cigarettes. It is also a way for people to get into bars and clubs without having to show their identification.

High Confidence Leve

There are many reasons to use a fake id. For some, it can be a way to have a more fun night out. Others may use a fake id to get into bars or nightclubs that they are not allowed to frequent because of their age. Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that having a high confidence level when it comes to using fake identification is key. If you can make sure that your id looks good and sounds authentic, you will be much less likely to get caught


Wrapping It Up

As you can see, using a trustworthy fake ID provider can provide you with counterfeit identification to start going out to parties. With the latest technology, they use your ID card will not look like a novelty card but the real thing.