Benefits Of Investing In Commercial Shelters

“TACNA Mexico Industrial Shelters Services can provide you with the best option for your Mexico needs,” said Debra Toney, Executive Vice President of TACNA International. “TACNA is a world leader in providing Mexico businesses with expert, professional service to help them achieve their objectives. Through superior facilities and in house technical support we can help you move your manufacturing to Mexico at the lowest cost possible while still maintaining high productivity and standard production standards. Our shelters help us to reduce your freight cost, improve your cash flow, reduce your dependence on imported raw materials, improve your customer service and boost your sales.”

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TACNA Mexico Commercial Shelters are designed to withstand the hardest punishing conditions in any Mexican industrial setting. “Since 1983, TACNA has offered a full-service model to simplify the entire process of moving and operating within Mexico. Under our full service model, we provide clients with expert, professional service from the first step of site selection to the last, including pre and post shipments, site clean up, storage, unpacking, and assembly or dismantling, depending upon your needs. Our shelters are designed for long term use by shipping our product through all the necessary ports and airports and are available for in ship shipment and offshore processing as well. They can also be used as temporary Mexico Industrial Shelters when the Mexico Industrial building site is not capable of housing them due to the natural disasters or other situations.

“As an exporter of good manufacturing know-how and products, we understand that location is one of the primary ingredients in the success of any business. There are many economic, political, and other issues that can affect your ability to locate a secure and viable location. “To protect the investment of our clients, we have developed in-depth research and analysis programs that focus on finding and developing new markets. “We want to ensure that our clients are provided with a suitable Mexico Industrial Shelter that will meet their immediate and long term needs while reducing their dependence on foreign suppliers and allowing them to remain competitive in their local markets.” According to Diego Cordero, Commercial Manager for TACNA, Mexico Commercial Shelters are created to provide “the best of international standards of construction and materials in a structure that offers the greatest amount of flexibility and accessibility.” These shelters have been tested by TACNA for more than ten years and are designed for maximum safety and security for all types of equipment.

“When it comes to Mexico, TACNA believes in the principle that the safest cities in the world should be built to withstand any given circumstance,” said Mr. Cordero. “If you’re looking to move your company somewhere new, this might be the ideal solution for you. In fact, most of the TACNA businesses that are based in Mexico City have proved that they can thrive in these challenging economic conditions.”

There is no need to look at the current economic scenario when it comes to investing in commercial properties in Mexico. According to Diego Cordero, Commercial Manager for TACNA, “The best thing about Mexico is its ability to meet the demands of the global market. The economic and political situation in Mexico has changed, giving rise to a variety of changes in how Mexico markets and develops commercial real estate.” These shelters offer Mexico’s companies an opportunity to grow without having to worry about the current political situation in the country.

Mexico commercial shelters have also proven to be cost effective, making them a very attractive option for most business owners. These shelters are made out of the highest quality materials, as well as being assembled to the highest standards possible. Because they are manufactured locally, they also offer the advantages of avoiding any transportation or import duties being passed onto the consumer.